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Brian J. Barrow

With a deep interest in people and  fascination of the world, Brian strives to  challenge, guide, and influence people to grow and evolve by traveling to the undiscovered places of themselves, their culture, and/or the world.  

Once feeling stuck, unsure of where life was taking him, and feeling the weight of societal pressures, Brian decided to break the mold by embarking on a 2 year journey around the globe to learn about himself, the world, and what truly matters. After extreme discomfort, aloneness, and deep introspection, he is on purpose by  inspiring others to break the mold for themselves. 

What Is Traveling?

Traveling is a journey. It is the medium through which you explore your external and internal self. It instills internal silence in the midst of exotic exterior noise.

Traveling is exposing you to the rawness of the unfamiliar. Whether that be a new part of the world, your home town, or your daily commute, travel stretches your perceived mental capacity of what is possible. 


Feeling stuck? Not expressing who you truly are? Don't know what you want in life? 

Spiritual Travel Coaching is here to help.   

As a mind/body coach, we will dive into the mental, physical, and spiritual facets of your being. My individualized approach will help you identify your fears, overcome your internal uncertainties, discover your life purpose, and empower you to create a life filled with value, purpose, and fulfillment.

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Spiritual Travel Coaching